2 inch Crocheted Heart

2inHeart.jpg This tiny 2″ thread heart was made with a pattern posted at Wide Open West . (For a larger view, click on the photo)  The pattern calls for #10 thread and size 7 steel hook.  I used DMC #8 thread and a size 10/1.30mm steel hook.  As I was checking to be sure I got the size of the thread correct, I noticed that this small ball of thread still had the price sticker on it.  I almost fainted.  It is priced at 19 cents and was bought at Woolworth’s… how old do you suppose this ball of thread is???  Several of these small balls of thread were given to me by another avid crocheter in Arkansas a couple of years ago.


One thought on “2 inch Crocheted Heart

  1. I love finding “old” threads & yarns at thrift stores; seems that the quality was much better then. Sweet heart of yours — looking for your post. I also picked up 3 crocheted hearts in an antique store for 75cents; it’s a delicate pineapple pattern. Now I have “pineapples” on my to do list of crochet projects!!! Glad I found your site – look forward to catching up with you. Also thanks for the tiny crochet flower post, it’s new, it’s cute, and it’s going to be crocheted SOON.

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