Beaded Wishes

There was an international project a couple of years ago called the Beaded Prayer Project. The project itself was inspired by the African amulet idea of having parents, grandparents, friends, etc. giving a person they cared about a handmade amulet that could then be sewn onto a shirt (as shown here) or worn as a […]

CQ Magazine

The new quarterly CQ Magazine is up.  Don't just drop by, RUN over and take a look.  Some beautiful designs, lots of tips, lots of everything.  After I read the current e-zine, I started looking in the archives at the earlier issues.  What a find!  Here is a wonderful page full of tutorials for making embroidered […]

Apologies for sporadic postings..!!

  Two weeks ago the powers that be decided that surgery was in my best interests on that day…grin  Well, during the past couple of weeks, recuperation has been a bit slow… not to mention the very slow recovery of carrying on a decent conversation or having coherent thought processes .. grin  But recovery is […]