Beaded Wishes

There was an international project a couple of years ago called the Beaded Prayer Project. The project itself was inspired by the African amulet idea of having parents, grandparents, friends, etc. giving a person they cared about a handmade amulet that could then be sewn onto a shirt (as shown here) or worn as a necklace. Thousands of people took part in this project and there are exhibitions of it continuing to tour the world even today.

In the West, there is little thought to the idea that an amulet worn is powerful in itself. But the idea of handwritten words of love, prayers, encouragment, wishes for joy.. or for that matter, anything a person wanted to say.. encased in something beautiful and given with love draws me to it.

For a larger view of the pic, click on it…


One thought on “Beaded Wishes

  1. I like your blog here. but you don’t have an rss feed activated. No way I’m going to remember to return here without that.

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