Crocheted Icicles Pattern

I have been a member of a group called Snowflake Mondays for a while.  We have been so very busy for the past several weeks that I haven't kept up with it.. but will be able to start again in the next few days.  In the process of thinking about this, I came across this site on that has great crocheted icicle patterns.  They can be beaded or made with eyelash yarns … or pretty much however your creative eye sees them.  They are very simple and I will be adding these to my snowflake collection for my Christmas tree and decorations for this year. 


2 thoughts on “Crocheted Icicles Pattern

  1. I have seen that pattern too and have asked if someone could send me the pattern. I would love to make some for my tree this year. I love to crochet.We have a women’s group at our church and we make all sorts of things. We try to do things to help the community, veterans, or cancer patiets or any one in need. I f any one can help me with the icicle pattern please let me know.

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