Antique Doily

This is an antique doily given to me by a dear friend who is the flea market, garage sale, estate sale, pawn shop (amazing how many antique things wind up here!) "Queen" of the area.  She finds something wonderful almost every day. This one was in a box stuffed full of old crocheted doilies, table toppers and the first and only crocheted apron I have ever personally seen.  (It is posted here on my Mish Mash etc. site) For a very large image of this doily, it is posted here on my Flickr site.  I couldn't resist sharing this with you.  Isn't it lovely?

Can you tell I'm a bit antique myself?  ….grin  The crocheted apron is on a post uploaded a couple of days ago!!! 


One thought on “Antique Doily

  1. I remember seeing many similar two color knitted doilies when I was a child. I think they were popular in the late fourties, early fifties. I remember they would starch the dickens out of them, shaping the edges into a scallop design.

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