Ostrich Egg Painting

EggRoses1.jpg  This is a sample of roses that I have worked up to be painted onto an ostrich egg for a friend that lives nearby. I will paint the egg today… but in the process of painting this sample, I began to think about how this could be painted onto fabric and used in quilting.  The fabric gel that is added to acrylic paint makes it color fast… hmmm  Will have to think on it… For a larger view on my Flickr site, click here or click the pic.


2 thoughts on “Ostrich Egg Painting

  1. Wow! Linda,
    Your painting is lovely.
    I have tried to paint roses, but mine end up looking like cups and saucers..

  2. Linda, I’m impressed with your roses. Hope you post pics of the egg when done. I’ve never tried anything like this, won’t know where to begin. Glad you found your way to Danny Gregory’s site. I hadn’t found the instructions to making a journal. I love the way you link to places. I guess I wll have learn how to do that on my blog. I such a blog newbie that I’m learning one step at a time.

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