The Silk Painter’s Guild

Doing the ostrich egg painting caused me to think more about fabric painting as an art form.  So, of course, I had to do a search on it. Talk about WOW! power. 

The Silk Painter's Guild is all about hand painting on silk.  Take a look at these online workshops showing step by step silk painting.  The page is framed, so when you get there, click on the left menu heading "Workshops"… Each workshop in the list shows what wonders can be done!

Habotai is a Belgian site… Click on the left and menu on Exhibitions and there is a lovely dragonfly… 

Silk Painters International … have a look!  Much more contemporary look to these. 

Zijdelings is a Netherlands site that has an English interpretation, but has very little in the English site.  For those from the Netherlands, have a look..

I can see these done as custom quilts, FPC's, used in sewing clothes or as accessories in the home, doll accessories, and for crazy quilting custom pieces.. and many more…grin


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