Links, Patterns and Tutorials

For crazy quilters, embroiderers, and those who enjoy photo printing to cloth, this is a must have tutorial published in the CQ Magazine Online archives pages.  This glasses case was done by Rissa Peace Root and is lovely.  Well worth the click to see it.

I have found an apron pattern, but the crochet is done as edging for the apron. It really is pretty and can be found on Celt's Vintage Crochet website.  The pattern itself is here.  There is also a pattern for women's slippers here.  Here's one I haven't seen or thought about in years.. Does anyone remember these?

The Crochet Works has any number of free crochet patterns that are wonderful. These patterns are free for personal use and also for selling at bazaars, fairs or anywhere else one would like to sell them. For those who are doing the Snowflakes Monday challenge, here is a page of beautiful snowflake patterns.  There is a small mouse in the Amigurami style here. (very cute!)  [These patterns were all designed by Sally V. George and if time permits, take a look at the "about Sally V. George" link at the bottom of the page.]


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