SRE Bear Finished…

      Baby Bear is finished.  Things I learned:  (1)  I do like the homespun look of the yellow check, but the fabric is quite thin and while the thread and ribbon do not show through like I thought they would, it does make it a bit difficult to sew.  (2)  Making a blank bear to check placement of arms and and legs would have been a good idea.  The embroidery placement would be easier to work and the joints would not cover the best of the SRE work!  (3)  When sewing the bear, I found that handsewing the pieces together gave a much better curve to the form of the bear, but of course the sewing machine went much faster.. the head, body and left arm were handsewn, the rest were machine sewn.  The not-quite-sheer fabric had a tendency to pucker, slide, and ravel more with the machine sewing.

All in all… I love the bear and will do it again.  The only change I will make is in the choice of fabric.  It is quick and easy to do.. mine took a little longer because of time limitations (the Reunion went very well, by the way!  I will be posting about that on my other blog Mish Mash … etc.)  I do hope you will give this little pattern a try.


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