RJR Fabrics.com (Free Patterns)

RJR Fabrics is an online fabric resource for quilters.  Besides having great fabrics, there are 50+ RJR free patterns and another approx. 30 designers patterns that are free to download using Adobe Reader.

There is a “Learn to Color Shade” page that has a quilt skeleton on it.. by clicking the block you would like to shade, it will bring up a color chart that will allow you to choose the beginning and ending shades you would like to have.  It then gives you all the shades and then pulls up suggested fabric swatches that will give you those shades.  Love this!


20 thoughts on “RJR Fabrics.com (Free Patterns)

  1. Did you click on the underlined portion of the post that says 50+ RJR free pattern?? I try to check all the links to see if they work, but sometimes one gets by. Try the link and let me know if it doesn’t work. I’m glad you stopped by and will try to help all I can.

  2. I am looking for a fabric approximately 3 yrs old…It was( I think) part of a Xmas line. Fabric is a shaded blue grey background with various small trees. I believe this pattern also came in beige and green.

    If there is any way of purchasing yardage, I would greatly appreciate a reply.

    Thank you.

  3. Dear Linda:
    I have inherited, and added to, a large vintage and modern collection (“stash)of quilting and dressmaking fabrics, trims, notions and matching thread (hundreds of spools), all in pristine, mint condition. It is very overwhelming to me, as I am in my60s and just starting to quilt. I have been sewing since early childhood, but quilting is a whole ‘nother realm. I will never come close to depleting my stash of still-growing fabrics, patterns, and vintage qu. magazines. I also am very poor since retirng, living with someone because I cannot afford housing alone. I desperately need to sell some of my vintage yardage, esp. those that are not suitable for quilts. In particular, I have a beautiful chintz group from 1959 which is in an uncut length of 22 yards, with a matching uncut 14-yard length of the same chintz quilted, with a beautiful solid color chintz backing. They were purchased to make bedroom ensemble (bedcover, shams, table cloth, curtains, chair covering, etc.) by my mother who has passed away. This chintz is cream-white background, with rosebuds and roses in blues, lavender and aqua, with various shades of green leaves. It is gorgeous. Can you assist me to find an agent or way to sell this and other fabrics online? EBay is not the answer, as their fabric selling prices are the lowest on earth.
    Thank you sincerely for any advice you can give.

  4. I am looking for fabric to make Holiday Stars – option 2 colors. I need 5030-4,5031-1, 5029-1,5031-5,5033-6,5026-1,5033-6

  5. I need a two and half yard piece of Almost Poppy fabric in gold background. Is it still available? Can anyone help me?

  6. I am searching for RJR 2006 Fabric “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” 100% cotton red, yellow, white approx 1″ flowers. Small flowers with red dot centers on green stems and leaves on blue background with white dots. Hope someone can help.

  7. I am searching for RJR 2006 fabric called “Heirloom Lilacs” by Debbie Beaves of the Violet Patch. Does anyone have the wonderful green dotted fabric?

  8. I am looking for Sweet as a rose by RJR. Does anyone know where I can purchase some of this line? I need some more yardage to have enough to start my quilt.

  9. I am looking for the Painting watercolor by RJR, I need the lt. Pink Marbley fabric from the collection, 4 yds.

  10. Am trying to locate an RJR fabric called Cherished Memories. It is a small print. Olive green background with tiney purple and white flowers on it similar to forgetmenots. Do you have it? Thanks.

  11. Diana, I, too, would love to have more of the heirloom lilacs tone on tone green. I pieced a quilt together for my sister-in-law(she purchased the fabric) and all there is left is just scraps. I love that color and would love to have more of it in my stash. I have just a few leftover strips could that help you?

  12. I am looking for rjr everything but the kitchen sink white polka dots on coral year 2006

  13. Hello – I have the Jinny Beyer pattern “Faberge Quilt” . I can’t find two of the fabrics listed in the directions. They are listed as #8539-01(1/4 yard needed) and 8540-01 (2 1/2 yards needed). Can you help?

  14. I’m interested in finding a patter using your 51/2X22 rolls. Are there any out yet. thanks

  15. I am looking for “sweet as a rose – 2007 RJR Fabic. It has a white background with blue sprigs of wheat. If you would like a picture, please email me. Could use 3 to 6 yards.

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