Just a Thought and a Thanks

Edie has a link from her blog Sporadic Packrat to Whip Up with both blogs discussing leaving comments and the etiquette of answering comments… sigh… Makes me want to jump out there and spend about 8 hours going to all the blogs I love (and read most mornings!) and type my fingers to nubs… but then they would all have to type their fingers to nubs answering them all…grin  So I won’t…grin

Thanks is in order for everyone who has visited this site.  This site began as a way for me to keep up with the links that I find that I want to hold on to and a place to put some of my patterns (since I seldom can remember them if I don’t write them down..grin) and has gone from 400 page views for the month of April 2006 to  1500-2000 page views  a week  for a total of almost 10,000 visitors and over 16,000 page views total in just 4 months.  Thank you all for stopping by….



One thought on “Just a Thought and a Thanks

  1. hey, cool! comments on my comments 🙂 Sharon Boggan (inaminuteago) also has a post on commenting & their etiquette, and muses on why she blogs. I don’t have the link, but she’s pretty organized so it should be easy to find on her blog.

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