E Quilters.com

Susan Druding was the about.com guide for quilting for 9 years.  She now has her own site called equilters.com.  This site is truly a gold mine for quilters.  There are way too many goodies on it for me to go into any detail… except… since I am a teapot lover… these blocks just did me in!


2 thoughts on “E Quilters.com

  1. i am looking for a quilt top Known as the pineapple tea dye. It is already stamped. It cost near 100.00. I would appreciate any helpin finding this.

  2. I have a catologue that my daughter had and there is a Quilt pattern in it that I like very much.
    It is called Wholecloth Hand Quilting Kits. It is a white on white of.

    Medallion Star or Pineapple Delight I very much like the Pineapple Delight which is number3205. Do you still have these pattern quilt kit for sale. Can you let me know by e-mail on cost.
    Thank you
    Darlene La Belle
    my e-mail is gram1@vianet.ca

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