Cranston Village (Free Patterns)

Cranston fabrics are manufactured in Webster, Massachusetts, USA.  On this site is an overview complete with photos of the development of their fabric. Quite interesting. Here is a list of projects with instructions to be downloaded (in pdf. files).  And what a list…many quilts… book covers, footstools,window treatments… Have a look!


6 thoughts on “Cranston Village (Free Patterns)

  1. Wondering if you have reps. who come and speak at Quilt Guilds?
    While a member of a Guild in Scenectady,NY, we had a very informative speaker from Cranston speak at our meeting. I have since moved to Wilmington, NC and think it would be a terrific subject matter for a monthly meeting. When discussing this with the Program Chair, she also agreed. Many quilters do not understand the process of designing and dying fabric.

  2. I have some Gooseberry Patch material and am wondering what quilt pattern to use Thank you very much

  3. i would like your complete catalogue, specialy with patterns of animals. Thank you. My adress : Josette Buyck 22 route de Salins 77126 Courcelles en Bassée FRANCE.

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