Old Hankies.com (with Crocheted Aprons!)

My Crocheted Apron  Some time ago, I was given this crocheted apron (a very large pic can be seen on my Flickr page by clicking the pic)  by a friend of mine who got it in a box of handwork that she bought at an auction for about $5.00.  It was filled with dozens of crocheted doilies and embroidery work.  What a find!  This was the first real crocheted apron I had ever seen, so I was really surprised when I came across Old Hankies.com  and found that they not only have the most wonderful vintage hankies.. like these florals, these beautiful whites, and even hobby hankie groups to be used in quilts, crazy quilts or pillows.. but they also have vintage crocheted aprons !  Have a look around the site.. there are many things that I have not listed…

For those that are really interested in vintage hankies, Linda B. of Chloe’s Place has a link to the Flickr group called Vintage Hankies. On this page is a hankie find that is totally wonderful… have a look.


2 thoughts on “Old Hankies.com (with Crocheted Aprons!)

  1. i ahve really enjoys looking at your old patters and thing you have on here . i was looking up some stuff on here for my 75 years old friend . thank you for haveing a wonderfull site she enjoyed it vert much

  2. Well I am so honored that you like my web site http://www.OldHankies.com
    and I love the aprons too! Such great things. I just wanted to say thank you for the fine recommendations of my site. All my hankies are vintage and I love them all. I have an OldHankies Gallery that shows great things to make from your hankies too so be sure to visit it!

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