Donna K. dropped me a note and asked where she could sell her tatting and smocked baby dresses… the online stores at Etsy.com were the first things that came to mind.  Since she already does craft shows and fairs, I am at a loss as to any more advise.  If you know of any other, please drop me a note or leave a comment…

This started me thinking along the lines of tatting… Tatting Patterns by Jane Eberall has a wonderful list of her own patterns.  They are free to use with the acknowledgment of the designer and for personal purposes.  This very small tatted butterfly would look wonderful as a pendant or used as embellisments on crazy quilts, sweatshirts or whatever ..  as would this wonderful beaded lady bug … this 3″ long snail … this lovely One Pass Edging … this pattern with 3 variations of hearts.. and many more… Have a look…


2 thoughts on “Tatting

  1. That’s a really good idea… In the Texas part of the country we have many consignment shops and they do really well. They are usually a mix of antiques and handcrafts. Thanks,Jen, for the idea!

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