Christmas Fabric for Elaine (The Christmas Cloth Store)

Several days ago Elaine left a comment asking:

“I am looking for a fabric approximately 3 yrs old…It was( I think) part of a Xmas line. Fabric is a shaded blue grey background with various small trees. I believe this pattern also came in beige and green.

If there is any way of purchasing yardage, I would greatly appreciate a reply.”

Well, I have done several searches and this is what I have come up with….The Christmas Cloth Store online… This store has some lovely fabric with new designs and some older designs. On their bargain sales page, I found this Christmas Stamp fabric that would be great for small embellishment applique. This Cranberry Rose is another favorite that could used in many different ways.  This adorable cat print (and puppy print..grin) is another fav…

I did not see any on a blue/grey background,Elaine, but this is as close as I have found… If you do a search using “Christmas Fabric”, there are several online stores that come up… Good luck… 


2 thoughts on “Christmas Fabric for Elaine (The Christmas Cloth Store)

  1. I know the fabric you are speaking of and am in search of it myself. I recently saw placemats for sale on ebay with that design. I typed in “Believe Linen” on a Google search and found that the creator is “Donna Atkins”, it appears that the line is not continuing because they have only dishtowels, potholders and napkins in this design for sale…so I am also in search of the fabric. If I find it I will let you know – the website is Canadian Country Gifts… maybe if you contact them they will be able to help. Meanwhile I will continue the search and will repost if I find it. Good Luck.

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