Floral CQ Wall Hanging Finished!

Floral CQ Wall Hanging  This CQ block has been my trusty “security blanket” block for almost a year… several small projects have been finished in that year… but each new thing I wanted to try was tried on this block.  I am almost sorry to see it complete!  grin 

(Here’s the thing… I have decided to finally make up my mind and give up the smoking!  For real, this time.. The patches went on yesterday morning and I worked on this block all day… It’s amazing how doing something you really like to do will keep you on track!)

Sooo… I decided to do the surround for this block in something simple to keep from conflicting with the busy-ness of the block itself.. but I did not want blah nothing, so after attaching the pieces and sandwiching batting with a thin cotton backing, I just put French Knots in a soft cream color all over in an offset grid pattern. 

French Knot Texturing Close up The final backing is of the same fabric, but done with no French Knots and wrapped to give the final edging with mitered corners to the front.  The seams are covered with a favorite crochet ribbon couched with size 8 pearl cotton thread. 


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