Beaded Crochet Thimble Bag

Beaded Crochet Thimble Bag  I have finished the needlebook, inserting three felt strips that make six pages when folded. I have never done beaded crochet before, and wanted to try it, sooo… I have put together a beaded thimble bag using size 8 Cebelia cotton thread and size 10 steel crochet hook.  It was much easier than I suspected and went very quickly, so I made 2…grin  (I have a couple of thimbles that belonged to my grandmother, so one of them will be placed inside one of the bags and hung for display)

Close up of Beaded Thimble Bag  This is a close up… (if you click on the photos they will take you a larger view on my Flickr site)…   The small floret at the top of the chain will be used to hang the bag… 

Another lovely thimble bag crocheted by Julia of Camille’s Place, is done with a shell stitch.  The pattern found here has been published in CQ Magazine Online .


8 thoughts on “Beaded Crochet Thimble Bag

  1. This is so cute. I only wish I could of learned how to make one of these for my grandmother while she was alive. She would of just loved this. She would make all of our clothes when we were small. And loved to quilt.

    This is very lovely.

  2. My gosh, that little crocheted bag is sooooo adorable. And I love the idea of the needle book. Altogether very lovely, and your work is quite nice.


  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. Isn’t it just the cat’s meow to pick up a needle and some string and make something you love?

  4. The needle book is beautiful, I love the fabric and deco. The thimble bag is so interesting, I’d never seen one before. How are you planning to display it?

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