Message in a Flower

In the Victorian era, flowers had a language all their own.  “Posies” or “tussy mussies” seem to have made a comeback in recent years (as evidenced by this page on the Bonnydoon Garden Company and this page with the meanings of the flowers),  enabling a person to send not just flowers, but messages in the flowers.  I love the idea of choosing the floral embellishments of a piece with a message in mind. 

CQ Magazine Online has an article in their archives re: this very thing.  In this article, there is a list of links taking you to tutorial pages showing how to stitch many of the flowers.  This sheaf of wheat tutorial  (meaning friendliness, prosperity, riches) by Stepanie Novatski is gorgeous, as is this one on Queen Anne’s Lace  (means haven or protection) also by Stepanie.  These sprigs of lavender (mean luck, success, happiness, devotion) by Pat Winter would be lovely on any piece.  Have a look…

And while I’m on the subject of meanings… a wedding ring quilt was often given to couples upon their marriage… or perhaps for a significant anniversary.  Many of the vintage crocheted tablecloths had wheat or daisy motifs… Can the language of flowers and symbols be used in other venues besides embroidery?


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