The Beaded Crochet Thimble Bag was the first thing I had ever bead crocheted.  After it was finished, I thought “There has to more…”  That’s when I found  This is the place to learn about beading.   Want to learn Crochet Beading? How about Embroidery Beading?  Maybe Bead Netting?  How about a Sampler with all them all? There is so much here that it would take a long while to tell you all of it… Have a look…


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  1. I am new to blogging and just renewing my crochet addiction !
    I love love love your beaded crochet thimble bag !
    It is just Beautiful.
    Now for my question…
    Is there a pattern for it ?
    Oh Pllllease tell me there is.
    I have never tried crochet beading before but have an older special friend who collects thimbles that I would love to make this for !
    Can you help me or point me in the right direction Please.
    Thank you in advance

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