Free Applique

What a great site.  Free Applique Patterns has a list of free patterns (with pictures) showing appliques to be placed on denim shirts, sweatshirts, quilts… wherever you want to put them.  I like this trio of birdhouses with a cat watching the birds… too cute..  How about this Arkansas quilt block on a denim shirt?  Have a look…


3 thoughts on “Free Applique

  1. I would love to see some of you applique techniques and also some designs. I’m in between embroidery and quilting. But now have turned my attention back to quilting. Thank you from NC…Shirlie

  2. i would like to applique the word NANA onto a sweatshirt to replace the one i was given as a gift and i ruined it one day when i was cleaning with bleach.

    if anyone could help me i would so appreciate it – neve done this but i think i can do it if i have a pattern

    thanks so much

    nana of 2 and one on the way!!

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