Vermillion Stitchery (free cross stitch patterns)

I have a set of pillowcases that I have had (still in the wrapper) for about 3 years.  I have been looking around for embroidery patterns to see what  I might want to put on them and came upon Vermillion Stitchery.  Their free patterns are quality with lovely birds in a ‘Bird of the Month’ series for 2006.  Last year’s series of  “Flower Girls” each month is still available, but perhaps will not be after the first of the new year. 


6 thoughts on “Vermillion Stitchery (free cross stitch patterns)

  1. Your exactly right on that one. Once 2007 starts the 2005 flower girls will dissappear and they will start a new series. Last year they did a poll on what they thought there new series should be. In 2004 she had fantasy bears that were just adorable.

  2. Thanks, Heidi. The older series are now for sale and I think I saw the fantasy bears you are talking about. Thanks for stopping by and hope to hear from you again.

  3. If anyone has the wizard chart 2004 bear that they can send me that would be great. madawna.parsley@jfcom or
    This is the last one and I don’t have the pattern to complete it. Could someone help me.

  4. I have the 2006 birds/butterflies list if you still need it, Sharon. And I have all the designs except the color version of November’s Painted Bunting.

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