My Victorian Heart Ornament (pattern)

Velvet Heart Ornament

  This Victorian Velvet Heart is very simple to make.  I cut out a heart shape approximately 5″ wide and 6 1/4 in. tall from paper. The size can be any size you prefer, but looks better if the proportions remain close to this.   Then using the paper cutout as a template, I began by

 Cutting two hearts from red velvet and one from quilt batting.  

  1. Using one heart as the front, I embellished it with ribbon embroidery and a smaller white heart.  I then beaded with small pearl beads around the center of the small lace heart.
  2. The embroidered front heart and the back heart are then placed right sides together with the batting placed on top and then using sewing thread to match the velvet, the three layers are sewn together … leaving a 2″ gap along one side
  3. Clip the curves and  the heart cleavage and trim the point of the heart… being careful not to clip into the sewing line.
  4. Turn the heart right side out through the gap that was left open along the side.  The batting will now be on the inside of the heart. 
  5. Slip stitch the gap closed using the same sewing thread. 
  6. Using size 30 Cebelia crochet thread, I then embroidered around the entire heart with a blanket stitch, secured and cut the thread.
  7.   Attaching the same size 30 Cebelia thread to any of the blanket stitches around the edge, do 2 rows of single stitch around the heart.  Finish off with a slip stitch joining, secure and cut thread. 
  8. Cut a 12″ length of while ribbon, fold in half and after folding approx. 1/2 in. on the ends, attach the folded 1/2″ ends to cleavage of the heart using matching thread. 
  9. Cut 2  12″ lengths of while ribbon and form a bow holding the two ribbon lengths together as one.  With another 6″ length of ribbon, wrap the center of the bow, stitch to bow and then stitch the bow onto the attached ribbon at the cleavage of the heart. 
  10. I searched through my old costume jewelry and found a round button pin that I placed at the center of the bow.  An old Victorian style earring finished off the heart when attached at the heart point. 

This little heart can be used as a Christmas tree ornament or just as a doorknob hanging.  It can be embellished as a crazy quilt heart or made country… depending on how it is embellished.  The crochet around the edges can be more … or less.  It’s your heart… make it however you would like… grin

This was a fun, quick and easy project for me.  I hope will be for you, too.    For a larger picture, click on the pic to be taken to my Flickr site.   


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