Make Your Own Knitting Board!

Knitting Board made by Dick Robinson  I have found what I want for Christmas! A knitting board knits entire rows at one time, but unlike the machine knitters that have a slider that runs across and does the actual knitting, the board is knitted one stitch at a time around the board using a hook.  When I was researching this, it surprised me to see just how many different stitches can actually be done with a knitting board just by changing the way the stitches are cast.

This board is one that my DH says he will build for me … yayy… and instructions for this board are found here on the Let’s Make A Knitting Board website. It was designed and built by Dick Robinson and we thank him heartily for sharing the design with us.

Have to run this morning, but will post links to several patterns for the knitting board later today… Have a good day… 


10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Knitting Board!

  1. Thanks Linda, that was amazing. I thought that one day I would make my own knitting board, with something in mind, but your DH has a good idea also.

  2. My husband made this for me! I love it! he has also made me a smaller one for travel, a single sided rake, and 3 sock/mitten looms… and we are working on a new loom idea.

  3. I have to say Mr. Robinson is a true craftsman. I bought a Knifty Knitter “purple” and it truely pales in comparison to “the real deal”. I would also like to commend his step-by-step instructions with pictures.
    To get to the point, I was wondering if a single sided rake could be made with basically the same instructions, sans the other side?
    Thank you.

  4. If you find another link, please post; I’ve been searching for a pattern, too. I am really interested in the knitting board… I have a terrible time knitting by hand (I get bored) so would like to move more quickly with the knitting board and actually finish a project!!

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