Scrumptious Knit Along

knitswatch.jpg Having  picked up the knitting needles again after many years of  doing an occasional garter stitch dishcloth or stockinette stitch scarf, I find myself wanting to learn to do more … that’s how this swatch came to be.   firefly of i live on a farm is hosting her first Knit Along and she’s calling it “Jinny’s Vines: A Blanket for Napping”.   When I tried this pattern, I was surprised at the ease of it… so now I am hooked.  I bought yarn and new needles and started with all the enthusiasm of 10 year old with a new slinky…  did great for 2 or 3 rows, then glanced up at DH, stopped to say a word or two…and lo and behold … all the stitches looked the same and I had no clue where I was.  After a bit of sleeping on it, I found that if I use markers after every pattern grouping, I can easily find my way… Ok, now I am really making some progress here… until I find half way down the row that I have knitted where I should have perled (or perled where I should have knitted!) … Now I have to figure out how to figure out what stitches and in what order should be pulled out and put on and wrapped around and whatever… to get the previous row back on the other needle… I guess this is what they mean when they say they had to “frog” something…  Well, this part I have still not figured out, but I am not giving up… (at least not yet!) I may update here on my adventures of learning to knit… then again I may not…lol  

First Try w/Leaf & Lace Knit Afghan

firefly has several other patterns up on her Patterns page.  They  are each lovlier than the one before…. have a look….


One thought on “Scrumptious Knit Along

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about my patterns. I have to admit, when I am knitting on the blanket, I have often lost track of where I was at and had to count from the beginning, or maybe frog entire rows in order to get oriented again. However, after working the pattern and frogging a few times I took the time to really look at what the pattern stitches look like on the needles, and what I do now is I make sure after doing one complete pattern repeat, I just take a minute to look back at those stitches and ensure there are the YO followed by the K2, the ssk, the K2tog, the other K2, a yo, the K1 that all together make one repeat. That might sound like a lot of trouble, but it is easier than frogging rows.

    Hope that helps!


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