Sew Young, Sew Fun (free patterns) Fleecy Wrist Warmers 

 Thanks to a lovely visitor that left me a note, I’m sorry to find that this site is no longer in existance. 

These Fleecy Wrist Warmers are very quickly made and would make an easy first project for teens wanting to learn to sew.  On this same page are instructions showing the basics of knitting and how to knit a colorful headband.  I may not be a teen anymore, but I fell head over heels for some these colorful, feel good, easy to make projects.  Sew Young, Sew Fun  is the web site for the television series of the same name… set up as “the first how-to series for young people by young people” and features over 600 free projects.  These placemats are fun, as are these embellished scarves that would be a great match for the wrist warmers…hmmm
Have a look….


4 thoughts on “Sew Young, Sew Fun (free patterns)

  1. I think that it would be a good idea to put on some ideas on how to make like t-shirts and stuff because i am trying to make a p.j top n all i can find is like indiginous stuff n things like that n if u have ever made a t-shirt it would be a big help to help me

  2. To make them Emo or Gothic, consider adding rips or pulls (if this is made from a knit that would work best) and patching them up with safety pins (you can paint the pins and don’t forget to press them shut with some pliers). For a goth look, using some thin ribbon & lace details would be nice. You can also purchase grommets and add them yourself along the length of the arm and thread the ribbon through in a criss-cross pattern. The trick is to be creative and a little chaotic.

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