Crocheted Corner Page Keeper

Yarn Lover’s Room These cuties are on my list!  Everyone in our family reads voraciously, so these will make a big hit across the board.  The pattern is quick and easy and I can see it with tiny ribbon along the edges or just a bit in the top… hanging from the Christmas tree as a gift for everyone who helps to take the tree down!  Or as a small token gift tied up with the ribbons on gifts… Or as a gift for the kids teachers…  The pattern is here on the Yarn Lover’s page…  Have a look…


2 thoughts on “Crocheted Corner Page Keeper

  1. I have to thank you for this pattern. I am hoping I can do it. My eyes and thread is hard to see but I am going to try it. These would make great gifts.
    I bet it doesn’t take long to make one at all.

  2. You are so welcome Gloria. I hope it works for you. I was thinking of using a thicker yarn like baby weight.. I will give it a try and see how big it makes the bookmark… but I don’t really think it would matter, do you?

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