Our Marine Son Home On Leave From Iraq

Shower Soap Bags for Chuck

 My  posts have been sadly lacking for a few days, but for a very good reason.  Our Marine son has been fighting in the war in Iraq since last January (doing his third tour) and he surprised us by coming home on leave unannounced last Saturday.  What a glorious day!  Needless to say, nothing much of any consequence has gotten done around here except whatever he wanted to do.  Sitting and visiting, going to breakfast at a local restaurant… just doing the ordinary things that we take so much for granted… things our soldiers cannot do… like shower in our own showers! 

He lost his shower soap bag, having forgotten it and left it hanging in the communal shower trailer… so while we were in JoAnn’s the other day he picked out the kind of netting that most closely resembled his bag and I made him a new one… that would be the white one in the pic.  The other one is a bag I knitted for him from 100% cotton yarn that I bought the same day we were in JoAnn’s. (Have to say.. I love this yarn.  I think I will replace all my face cloths with ones I have knitted from this yarn!)  The bag is a simple rectangle made with a 26 stitch cast on using size 10 straight needles and Lily Cotton “Sugar ‘n Cream” natural ombre yarn.  It is then worked with a simple knit each stitch each row (garter stitch) until it is approximately 7 inches long.  Fold in half and stitch together the long side and bottom.   The cord is a simple chain stitch crochet in whatever length you prefer…I did not have a wooden bead or I would have placed one on the cord to hold the bag closed while in use with the soap inside….  


One thought on “Our Marine Son Home On Leave From Iraq

  1. Oh how exciting! I know a bunch of the guys returned from deployment the lastfew weeks over here too. My hubby keaves next year sometime, but its always nice to get those surprise visits.

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