My first naalbinding needle.  A few weeks ago I came across this method of making cloth somewhere in my  travels across the web.  I can’t honestly say which site I came across first because I immediately clicked on every link I could find.  It seems that this was the method for making shoe linings or socks that was preferred by the Vikings around 900 AD.   I was enthralled with the idea, so immediately picked up my largest metal darning needle and went to work to see if I could do all the loop-de-loops…grin  It wasn’t hard at all, but somehow mine just didn’t look quite like what I had seen online. 

To make a long story short, I went out to the shop looking for a sliver of oak… DH knew in his heart of hearts that I would chop off not only all fingers but my liver also… so he cut me a small piece off some scrap oak we had lying around.  I put it in the vice and started filing away.  When I had come up with what I wanted, he used the drill press and cut the threading hole in it for me.  A little sanding and voila… I love it!!!!

 Oslo Stitch Bag So I immediately made this little bag using the Oslo stitch…which… by the way… is the only stitch I know..grin  Well, I didn’t really like all the lacy look, so I wandered through cyberspace again and found another way of doing the Oslo stitch. 

Beaded Amulet Bag  This amulet bag turned out a bit better.  The beads I made a week or so ago using Sculpy.  I still need to make cording to close it with, but all in all I am quite happy with this little bag. 


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