My Little Bird

My little bird looking out the window!   In my wandering through the world of crafts yesterday morning, I came across this cute little bird on with a link leading back to a German site that showed the instructions for making it.  Well… before breakfast I had cut a bit of felt and was handsewing in front of my pc… DH was just shaking his head..grin  Even with handsewing, it only took about 20 minutes to put this little cutie together. 

I knew I had seen this tiny bird done up in crazy quilting…so when I did a search this morning I found it here  (click on the arrow to the right at the top of the page… the birds will come up) in CQ Magazine Online’s Reader’s Showcase Volume 3 Issue 4.  These were done by Jan Ede and I fell in love with them the first time I saw them.  Just goes to show that with crafting, all things can be done just as fancy as a person wants… Have a look…


4 thoughts on “My Little Bird

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  2. This is so cool. I had to link to my blog — so I wouldn’t forget it! It never occured to me to use the translator — VERY COOL. Thanks for sharing this — and I must make tearing chickens immediately. What a blast!

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