Me in February 2006 This site is a place for me to track some of the projects I am doing.  It is definitely not a professional site..grin  Some of these projects are practice and probably will never go anywhere, but I have always wanted to become more proficient with embroidery, crochet and maybe even learn to knit more than just knit and purl stitches.  You are most welcome to the patterns that I come up with on this journey.  Your feedback and comments are most welcome.  Thanks for stopping by.. ūüėČ


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Linda..
    I could not find your email addy so I’m writing to you here…
    thank you for the comment on the fargo rose…yes you may link to it…you are very welcome… Hugs Julia

  2. Do you have the directions for the fabric postcards? I am interested in trying to make them, but am not sure what to use and how to put them together.

    Thank you,


  3. Hi Linda
    Think it is great that you dicided to share your ideas with everyone else. I’ve just started up my blog about fabrics and my own stuff. I just enjoy doing different stuff with fabrics (mostly embroidery and tablet weaving) and dicided that I would like to share the experience. I’ll be keeping an eye on you blog for anymore good ideas.

  4. Hi, I was on your site and I was looking for the Husqvarna/Viking Sew Young Sew Fun page and I saw the link on your site. When I clicked on it a front page that looked like a porno gateway popped up. Might want to check into this since kids are visiting your site.

  5. Thank you so much, Jenny. I have broken all links to that site and find that the Sew Young Sew Fun site is no longer there…I will search and see if I can find whether they just moved it or if it is no longer in existence.

  6. I love the crazy rose quilt block pattern featured on your website, but I cannot figure out how to get directions. Help!

  7. I’am looking also for the “cats on a fence” crochet pattern if any one has it please , let me know where or how to get it

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