Moving… Come See Me!

     This has been a real adventure here at Fabric Follies.  Never in my 50+ years did I ever dream that a little fun on a daily basis would bring over 1000 hits a day and some lovely email friends!  This year began early on with surgery and later on with placement of a heart […]

Blackwork Embroidery

As I have wandered through the pages showing all the ancient needlework and crafting, blackwork embroidery is almost always present in one place or another.  Elizabethan Blackwork has wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) patterns on several pages of her site.  Here is another site with many fill in patterns for sleeves, collars, scarves…whatever you would like […]

Tablet Weaving.. or Card Weaving.. who knew?

 Yesterday I finished the Cheerios at breakfast.    So I made Tablet Weaving Cards out of the box.   There is a really great tutorial on how to make these cards and use them in the Society of Primitive Technology  online pages with the tutorial page by Robin and Bart Blankenship.   I printed off the instruction pages, got out 2 […]