Moving… Come See Me!

     This has been a real adventure here at Fabric Follies.  Never in my 50+ years did I ever dream that a little fun on a daily basis would bring over 1000 hits a day and some lovely email friends!  This year began early on with surgery and later on with placement of a heart […]

My First Naalbinding Hat

   I continue to be fascinated with this centuries old and almost forgotten technique.   I have learned today that this stitch is called the Korgen stitch.  It is one of my favorites.  The mitten I made turned out really bad..grin  So … no pics!  But I will try again since I think I have figured […]


  A few weeks ago I came across this method of making cloth somewhere in my  travels across the web.  I can’t honestly say which site I came across first because I immediately clicked on every link I could find.  It seems that this was the method for making shoe linings or socks that was preferred by […]