Moving… Come See Me!

     This has been a real adventure here at Fabric Follies.  Never in my 50+ years did I ever dream that a little fun on a daily basis would bring over 1000 hits a day and some lovely email friends!  This year began early on with surgery and later on with placement of a heart […]

Beaded Wish

  I have finished the Beaded Wish.  About half way through the machine satin stitching around the edges I realized that my machine had developed a lisp…gasp   However, the uneven stitching on this one will just have to do, since I could not take it out without damaging the edges of the cloth.  The learning […]

Beaded Wish

I am continuing to work on the Beaded Wish.  My camera battery has given up the ghost and my DH went to Office Depot yesterday to buy more.  Unfortunately the ones he bought are about 3/4 in. too long to fit in my camera… sooo.. another trip today.  I have beaded around 2 edges using […]

Beaded Wishes

There was an international project a couple of years ago called the Beaded Prayer Project. The project itself was inspired by the African amulet idea of having parents, grandparents, friends, etc. giving a person they cared about a handmade amulet that could then be sewn onto a shirt (as shown here) or worn as a […]