Fabric Post Cards

FabricPC13in.jpgThis is the beginning a new fabric postcard.  Since I seldom mail the cards, they are also a bit of a fabric journal for me.  With this one, the idea of using this small area and small amount of fabric is useful for me to practice embroidery since I am not by any means a pro..grin  Clicking on the picture will show a much larger view on my Flickr site. 

 FPC stg 2  The basket used in this floral bouquet is one that I put together as I was making small baskets and hearts for use as embellishments.  I have some variegated ribbon that I am considering for larger flower in the arrangement, but will have test it to see if it might be overpowering.


8 thoughts on “Fabric Post Cards

  1. Linda, Thanks for the nice comments you left on my blog. The postcards are pretty, and fun to make. I love your little basket. Your eggs are gorgeous!

  2. are you or other readers interested in exchanging fabric postcards or ATCs – I would love to do this with others who enjoy the art of it all!

  3. I am looking for an easy pattern for shower totes to send to a loved on that’s deployed… have searched on so many websites I am crosseyed! Do you have an easy pattern for them? If so, I would really appreciate it…

  4. oh, and those fabric postcards are awesome! Think I am going to try that and see how it turns out! Terrific idea!

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