Painted Eggs

Ceramic Egg Art

I have been steadily painting eggs, but not posting them…grin  Yesterday was a busy day and I finished 5.  Today I will post a few of the eggs that I have done recently on individual sub pages…. Have a look! 

Tiny Violets

Floral Violet Egg  

This is the first of the ceramic eggs that I have done.  It is hand painted using acrylic paints and coated with a gloss polyurethane.  The front (above) has a handpainted cabin scene while the back (below) is a solid mass of tiny violet flowers.  This was a really fun project and is an artform that I will definitely continue to work on.

Click on the pics for a larger view at my Flickr site.

Floral Violet Egg

Blown Egg Art

    After our company from Virginia left, the eggs we had bought were past their expiration date so I decided to blow them and paint them.  This is the first one.  Hopefully each one will be better.  They will make cute Christmas ornaments or just ornaments to sit in an egg cup on a shelf. 


5 thoughts on “Painted Eggs

  1. My name is Angie and I rescue starved and abused animals throughout Texas. Due to surgeries back to back I find myself going stir crazy and painting alot. Now please dont get me wrong..I never claimed to be an artist and trust, it shows. But I do enjoy it. I want so badly to paint eggs now but I dont know where to begin. I have gathered eggs around outside but how do I get them hard enough so they will not break? What do you mean when you say blow them? Please help me. I am searching the net like crazy when I came across you.

  2. Angie… You are a special person and I am sorry to hear about your surgeries. I hope they are going well and getting better each day. If you will give me a few days, I will try to come up with a tutorial for you. To “blow” and egg, clean it very, very , very well with hot water and soap. Using a large needle, twist it against the egg with downward pressure until it punctures the end of the egg. Do this on both ends. Using the needle, try to puncture the yolk sack inside the egg. Then, holding over the sink or a bowl, blow (hard) on one end and the egg will eventually come out the small hole on the other end. Rinse inside and out very well with hot soapy water…very gently as the egg will now crack very easily. Or.. you can do what I do and buy the ceramic eggs for less than a dollar each at the local feed store… or for a little more at Hobby Lobby.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. You have made my day..

  3. Hi, My husband does Ukrainian eggs and he uses a small drill to make a hole, then uses a animal syringe to suck out the egg, Patricia

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