Winnie the Pooh Afghan (Free Crochet Pattern)

I think Winnie the Pooh will always be a child’s favorite… Here is the pattern for a wonderful Winnie the Pooh crocheted afghan that any child would love.  It’s done in easy single stitch with the different colored thread carried under the stitches.


31 thoughts on “Winnie the Pooh Afghan (Free Crochet Pattern)

  1. I have loved Winnie the pooh since i was little,now i have 3 little one’s of my own and a grand baby that would love it to .

  2. Hi Marylin,
    Winnie the Pooh has always been a favorite of mine and my children. I wish I had had this pattern when mine were small, but alas, the youngest is 35 and the grandsons are teenagers. I may have to make one just for me…grin
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Kim… It’s a little hard to see on this page, but the word “Here” in the second sentence is underlined. If you click on that word, it is a link to the pattern… Sorry for the confusion.. and Thanks for stopping by..

  4. I have tried to print out this pattern but I keep loosing the bottom portion of the patter . Am I doing something wrong.

  5. I can’t print the bottom portion either so hope I can work out what my squiggles on the bottom mean when I come to made it.

  6. Hello, I’ve recently become a grandmother to twins and the nursery has been done in Winnie-the-Pooh. I can’t seem to get the pattern so I would appreciate it very much if you would email the pattern to me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

    Heather – April 9th, 208

  7. Thanks to everyone who has dropped a note to this post. As I have moved on to another site, Fabric Follies Two at , I seldom check this one anymore. As for the pattern for Winnie the Pooh.. this is not my pattern… I just linked back to the site… I cannot mail it, email it or in any other way get it to anyone. If you are having trouble with it, you can download it as a picture, print it off and it will come out with the entire pattern and the instructions. Thanks again…and come see me at Fabric Follies Two…

  8. And Heather… Congratulations on the twins! About 16 years ago I became grandmother to twins… what an exhilarating night… !

  9. I’m looking for winnie the pooh and friends crochet pattern to make into an aphgan. I don’t have a web site but my address is Jan Rice 606 east 5th street,Beardstown,Illinois 62618.Thank you very much I go to our library and use their computers.

  10. okay i am helping a friend out who is pregnant trying to find her theme af a winnie the pooh bear blanket.

  11. Hi my fiancee and i are trying for a baby after two miscarriages and thought that a winnie the pooh theme would be quite unisex theme i am a beginner at crochet and was wondering if you had any patterns of other characters like tigger or eyore or piglet if you could please send me some to my email

  12. I need a winnie the pooh pattern. Cross Stitch, crochet or knit.I am trying to make my 1st grand child a crocheted blanket but, can’t find any patterns, they are doing the whole winnie the pooh theme.

  13. I used the winnie the pooh pattern to complete a latch hook wall hanging. I’m looking for a tigger patterrn now to make a set for my son and daughter-in-law, who are expecting in November. Do you happen to have a similar pattern for tigger?

  14. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly believe that this web site needs
    a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

  15. I have looked at this pattern and it says to chain 63 +1 but that is not near the 41\60 size

  16. Do you still have the free Winnie the pooh afghan pattern I have a baby shower for a dear friend who adopted a baby and it was a preemie so they just brought him home yesterday..her nursery is done up in that decor.

  17. I like this WTP afghan, very much, but I’m a beginner, I don’t think I could do this one.

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