Long Blogging Pause…. Stick Weaving and Spinning

My long blogging pause is over and I am so tickled about that…  So… what’s been going on?

Back during the last of June,  I had DH help a bit and made a spindle… from a dowel and a toy car wheel purchased at Hobby Lobby.  The purple blend of yarn is the part of the first batch I hand spun… using terrible needle felting wool from Hobby Lobby.  But it was good enough for me to learn the basics and practice.  Then with the help of DH again, I made the weaving sticks.  String is attached through the hole on the end of each stick and I use a button to weight it… then the sticks are held in the hand side by side and the weft yarn is wound back and forth around each stick… producing the red glitzy fabric…

If you don’t have the tools or would prefer to order them, weaving sticks can be purchased from Fenniwig Studios  online. 

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