Moving… Come See Me!

     This has been a real adventure here at Fabric Follies.  Never in my 50+ years did I ever dream that a little fun on a daily basis would bring over 1000 hits a day and some lovely email friends!  This year began early on with surgery and later on with placement of a heart […]

Blackwork Embroidery

As I have wandered through the pages showing all the ancient needlework and crafting, blackwork embroidery is almost always present in one place or another.  Elizabethan Blackwork has wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) patterns on several pages of her site.  Here is another site with many fill in patterns for sleeves, collars, scarves…whatever you would like […]

Speaking of Hearts!

Unique Items Handmade by Ribbonwiz is a new store on where you can find embellishment kits or ready mades for those of us who find ourselves overwhelmed… Julia of Camille’s Place has some crazy quilted Christmas hearts that are put together with ribbon and beads for a kit that would make wonderful ornaments…(or whatever you would like to […]