Moving… Come See Me!

     This has been a real adventure here at Fabric Follies.  Never in my 50+ years did I ever dream that a little fun on a daily basis would bring over 1000 hits a day and some lovely email friends!  This year began early on with surgery and later on with placement of a heart […]


  A few weeks ago I came across this method of making cloth somewhere in my  travels across the web.  I can’t honestly say which site I came across first because I immediately clicked on every link I could find.  It seems that this was the method for making shoe linings or socks that was preferred by […]

Bead Jewelry (Free Patterns)

For anyone interested in beading, Bead Jewelry is a gold mine of patterns.  The Adult Bead Project index page is a list of some wonderful patterns.  This Crystal Flower Pendant makes not only a beautiful necklace, but would also be lovely as embellishment on crazy quilting or victorian embroidery work as would this Beaded Flower Brooch […]

Send a photo of your project!

I would love to see what patterns you are choosing and what you are doing with them.  If you would like to share a photo, comment or maybe a link to your site, just drop a line to: I will be setting up a gallery page to share our project photos if there is […]

The Beaded Crochet Thimble Bag was the first thing I had ever bead crocheted.  After it was finished, I thought “There has to more…”  That’s when I found  This is the place to learn about beading.   Want to learn Crochet Beading? How about Embroidery Beading?  Maybe Bead Netting?  How about a Sampler with all them all? […]

Bob the Builder, Pikachu, Blues Clues and more….

Bob the Builder? How about Pikachu? or maybe Blues Clues? or perhaps Star Trek?  This is one terrific site… These are charts that are set up for knitting.  They can also be used for crochet, embroidery… The index for these colored charts can be found here on the website.  There is so much more […]